Jorge and Nicodemus

Thursday, Feb. 27        

In many ways the world of today is not different than it was during the Dark Ages.  Science is still  not exact.  A few scientists have arrived at truths that contradict all their previous learning.  A group of such men have been meeting in California for a number of years just to touch base and lend support to one another.  This handful of men has come out of the woodwork, so to speak, and there are many others who know the truth about evolution, and yet will not openly acknowledge it.  Many of them are not Christians.  They don’t fear for their lives as many in the Dark Ages did, but they would lose prestige, reputation, and careers.  It just seems too high a price to pay.  We need to pray for people like these.  The same problem exists in the religious world.  I’m reminded of Jorge, a basketball team mate of mine in San Isidro, Bolivia.  He was a good man and I had some good chats with him about life in general, his spiritual understanding, etc.  He acknowledged one time that he really believed the evangelicals had the truth, but he said if he were to publicly reveal his belief, his family would have a funeral for him, he would be ostracized by his entire family and his friends, possibly lose his teaching position, and, in short, would lose everything he counted dear.  There’s a parallel case in Scripture:  Nicodemus, a Pharisee and a member of the Sanhedrin, who sought out Jesus by night.  The ensuing dialog ends with no record as to Nicodemus’ response, but he is the same man who defended Jesus in John 7:50-52—and was promptly rebuked by the other members of the Sanhedrin.  He also helped Joseph of Arimathea (also a secret disciple) in the burial process of Jesus—an act that could not fail to catch the attention of the Sanhedrin.  I really would like to know “the rest of the story” on this one!  So will I see Jorge in heaven?  God is his judge, but I think I have some grounds for believing I will.

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