Being Realistic

Friday, Feb. 28                                                                          

One last thought re. “I’m right; you’re wrong.”  Sinful man is helpless to change on his own.  How nice it would be to have this sinful blight changed to “I’m wrong; you’re right.” Accomplishing this is a work of grace.  Put another way:  without Christ in your life, without the Holy Spirit taking control, there will be no change.  So don’t look for the Dems and GOP to find some common ground, to kiss and make up.  It won’t happen.  And don’t expect nations to forsake war or suicide bombers to quit killing innocent people.  Human effort and rational thinking will not do it.  You might think the splintered church would be different, but don’t hold your breath.  Please realize that it’s not God’s fault.  He has provided the tools.  But too many Christians do not walk in the Spirit.  Where are YOU in this sordid dilemma?  Sorry!  I’m not an optimist, nor am I a pessimist.  I’m a realist.  Well, maybe I’m a bit of a skeptic. And with this, I rest my case.  You are now free to take pot shots at me.


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