Solving Anomalies

Monday, Sept. 1

I don’t have all the answers to Biblical anomalies, but here are some things that could help. 1) Sin has changed the very nature of man. While the sin nature is brought into submission by the redeeming work of Christ, it is still there. Sin has brought spiritual death, and physical, mental, and emotional deterioration. God in His mercy has made allowances for that. 2) There are specific situations that explain some of God’s actions and views. For example, He so admired David for his humility and trust in God that He rewarded not only David (despite his sins), but David’s son, Solomon, whom David passionately loved. 3) Much of the O.T. is preparing the way for the N. T. Examples, types, and analogies are used to help us understand the N.T. 4) God’s ways are past finding out. There is a divine reason for everything He does. As Paul admonishes in Rom. 9, who are we to tell God how to do things? 5) In the end is total victory. That is a certainty.

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