Life and Death

Tuesday, Sept. 2

“No guilt in life; no fear in death.”—Tom Thieme. These few words tell the whole story of the human race. Guilt is a reality that every man who has ever lived (except Jesus) has experienced. It is the result of sin, inherited by all men directly from Adam. Guilt is only removed by removing sin, which was accomplished by Jesus when he paid the penalty for sin on the cross. It is appropriated only by accepting the gift of salvation by faith. Being eternally saved removes all sin and all guilt—past, present, and future. This, in turn, means that we need not fear death. Spiritual death is no longer a reality for the redeemed. The consequences of sin—hell, damnation, separation from God forever—is nullified. Our destiny is eternity in heaven with our creator and redeemer. Physical death, then, becomes a joyful event, not a fearful one. We leave this sinful world and enter glory. Can it get any better than that? I’d kind of like to have Tom’s words on a lapel button!

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