The Whole Truth

Wednesday, Sept. 10

While we may not have to lie to spare someone from death as the Dutch did in WW II, we do face situations that call for hard choices. Most of the ones we face in America have to do with benefiting ourselves. It might be your boss wants you to lie about something. [I ran into this when working one summer in Yonkers, NY while going through seminary. Fortunately, I wasn’t forced to lie, but I was strongly encouraged not to spill the beans.] You might be tempted to fudge a little on your income tax return. [I have found occasions where I was tempted—on the basis of fairness, rather than the letter of the law.] When relating an event you might want to leave out a bit of the story to make you look good. [It’s interesting that the oath taken in a court is not just to tell the truth, but to tell THE WHOLE truth.] You might have a problem if your wife says “Do you think I’m too fat?” It’s these little ways of shading the truth that get us into trouble. Maybe it seems rather innocuous, but wrong is wrong. This can easily become a pattern. It leads to what is called a “seared conscience.” Don’t let it happen. The main requirement of an elder is to be “above reproach.” I’m an elder, and I don’t take it lightly. But other Scriptures make that a standard for ALL Christians. So include yourself, OK?

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