Hidden Treasure

Thursday, Sept. 11

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” Ps. 119:11. There is a life changing message in these few words. First of all, the Psalmist recounts an action that he took some time in the past. He discovered something that he counted so precious that he made it the core issue of his life. What he discovered was the “word.” This little word represents the entire body of truth as revealed by God. We call it the Bible. Discovery led to understanding. His knowledge of God as revealed by the “word” caused him to revere not just the “word,” but the Almighty God who revealed the “word.” Then he hid this treasure in his heart. Hiding it does not mean that he put it on the back burner or put it on the shelf. It means he put it in a safe place, a place where it would be a constant companion, a guide for every moment of his life. He hid it in his heart. The heart is the core of the soul, the center of rational thought, of one’s emotional life, of the real meaning of one’s existence. It’s the place where ultimate decisions are made, where everything one counts dear is stored. Then we are told why he did this—to keep him from sinning against God. There are other reasons for storing away God’s truth, but the Psalmist identifies sin as something that would restrict or curtail his relationship with God. His love of God was so important that he determined to maintain it at all costs. The Psalmist had his priorities in proper order. If we are in right relationship with God, all other aspects of life will fall into place. One little caveat: We never get all the “word’ stored away in our heart. The riches of God’s truth are infinite, beyond our ability to fully grasp. But we need to keep storing it away as we learn more—so that we can retrieve it when we need it.

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