Common Sense

Monday, Sept. 22

“Common sense is not common.”—Will Rogers. There are a lot of things common to man, but sense is not one of them. “Sense” is a common word for “wisdom” and Proverbs, which has a lot to say about wisdom, would confirm Rogers’ statement. Maybe that’s where Will got it. The core message of Proverbs is that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Fear of a righteous God should open the door to an understanding of our sinful position. Our generation is no different than all the past generations. The vast majority of human beings have rejected God and that is not wise, i.e., it is not “good sense.” No amount of logic or rational thinking is a substitute for the recognition of God as a sovereign, loving God who is also our judge. Agreeing with God as to our sinful condition and the just consequences that ensue is the starting point. Understanding His revealed truth and responding to it correctly is the next step. But since all of us fall into the “dumb” category, there is a need for divine intervention. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in enlightening us, causing us to understand not only our desperate situation, but the solution to the problem. Some people take that step. They are wise. Others do not. That is incredibly dumb. No wonder that Will Rogers said what he did.

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