Mere Mortals

Tuesday, Sept. 23

“There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal.”—C.S. Lewis. I really like this. The problem is that my ego keeps getting in the way. I find it excruciatingly hard not to compare myself with others. I would like to think that I’m a cut above “ordinary” and I don’t like to think of myself as “mere.” My guess is that most people think about the same way. Not because it’s right, but because we are all sinners with inflated egos. We don’t talk about it, or rationally think about, but we FEEL it. It just seems to be instinctually with us all the time. If you don’t think you have a live and thriving ego, check with your spouse—and if she lies to you, check your kids. But if you can tolerate this little bit of reality, I have another truth that is really astounding. God sees us as extraordinary. All of us! The infinite, holy, sinless God put us at the pinnacle of His creation. To emphasize this truth, He made every single one of us different than every other person that has ever lived. Not only are our fingerprints unique, so is every single part of our bodies. Every part of your body identifies you as you alone, no other. Does it do something for you to know that God made you “one of a kind?” I hope it doesn’t add to your already healthy ego. We are not “mere” mortals; we are the reason for all the rest of creation. The universe, our world, all the provisions for life and comfort, all were planned and created for us. Each and every one of us! We are so precious that He was willing to pay a horrible price to make us into what He intended us to be when He created us. All this is awesome. Good to know. Ah, but how do we respond to this? Let me suggest that my uniqueness must mean that I have a unique job to do, a special assignment that God is entrusting to me, and me alone. Lord, help me carry out my assignment. May You be pleased that You made me.

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