Rah! Rah!

Monday, Oct. 13

“It’s easier to entertain than to teach.”—Howard Hendricks. Perhaps this is more pertinent in our generation than any other. Although much of our world is in poverty and many people spend their time eking out a living, there are more people that live a good life and have time for other things. For many, work is merely the means of enjuying life to the full, to have fun, to be entertained. I believe that God intended for us to enjoy life, but I don’t think it’s our highest priority-—as it seems to be for many people. Life is more than having fun. Eternity is real. As Christians, we have a job to do. The Great Commission is still our mandate. Our kids need to be itaught how to be servants of God, to be bearing fruit. How ironic is it that thousands of people will gather in a huge stadium to shout their heads off rooting for a team to win a game that has no eternal consequence and will soon be forgotten. How about a wild celebration when a person receives Christ and is no longer bound for hell? Have you ever witnessed that kind of celebration? The angels “get it.” “ . . . there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents . . . ” Luke 15:7. I don’t claim to be much better than other people. Well, I don’t shout my head off, but I do occasionally get a little excited about a game. But compared to my excitement in witnessing to an unbeliever, forget it. I’m a loser. I need to change!

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