Too Much Fun

Tuesday, Oct. 14

Entertainment is fine. Too much entertainment is not. When entertainment is the main focus of life, something has to give. Even our secular world is extremely concerned about the compulsive nature of entertainment. There are several serious problems. It is a health issue. TV is a the one of the biggest problems. Sitting for hours is a poor substitute for anyone, and especially for young, growing bodied. As Howard Hendricks pointed out, teaching is much harder. Kids are so used to being entertained that teachers will not have an impact on them unless it is fun. But it’s not just the kids. Congregations are not satisfied if the preacher doesn’t keep it exciting and interesting. In the secular world, the plethora of entertainment leads to boredom. Nothing really satisfies. The next attempt to find satisfaction is drugs. Inevitably, that turns into criminal activity. We have to build more jails, and release convicts onto the streets for lack of jail space. We have more and more street people and thousands more on welfare programs. Other results are divorce, the gay movement, and pornography. I haven’t named all the problems promoted by the lust for entertainment, nor do I attribute all modern evils to the entertainment industry. I just know we’re in trouble. The answer is Christ. Real satisfaction comes only through Him. Only God can bring about a change. But we Christians are His messengers. We have the good news and we need to share it.

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2 Responses to Too Much Fun

  1. Pam lotz says:

    Thanks dad-I totally agree, especially the teaching part. When I spend time doing thing like; time in the word, prayer, worship, listening to Christian music, reading fiction or non-fiction Christian books, spending time with other Christians, that is when I have the strongest sense of God’s working through me. TV or other things in my life can be a huge distraction especially when done in excess!

    Thanks for the reminder!

    I hope you are well! I miss you!

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