Saturday, Oct. 18

Just about everyone takes delight in bargains. Retailers are always hyping a big sale where you can save oodles of money. Some of them sound as though you can save more money than you spend. I don’t really understand that one. Seems to me you save the most if you don’t go to the sale at all. Anyway, I got to meditating about the greatest bargain ever. It’s not just big; it’s colossal. Just think about this. It’s dealing with the largest “stake” in history. It means total bliss or total misery. It means eternity in hell or in heaven. Because of the enormous cost, it can’t be purchased. But amazingly enough, it’s free! If you can find a bargain even close to this one, let me know, OK? You might call us Christians the middle men. We don’t own the product, so we can’t really sell it. We are just peddling the goods. We are salesmen, ad men. People will know about this great bargain only if we tell them about it. That makes us the most important “agents” in the world’s history. There are “commissions” to be won, too. They’re called “soul winners crowns.” There doesn’t seem to be too many people clamoring for this prodigious job, either. You can sign up any time. The rewards are out of this world.

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One Response to Bargains

  1. Yep, that is what God is up to in this world and He wants us to be his agents, ambassadors, etc… that’s why we are here-right? I love your blogs dad!

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