Friday, Oct. 31

I’m not particularly keen on this holiday, but we take a measure of delight in giving out a few goodies to kids and it gives a small opening for getting to know people in our neighborhood. You probably know the story behind Halloween, so I’ll not get into that. I guess if there was ever a “hallowed evening” it would be the night before the crucifixion. Some people would opt for the night Jesus was born, which is fine. I won’t quibble over that. But the night before the crucifixion is when Jesus spent hours covering things that the disciples needed to know. It was the night He partook of the passover feast with His disciples. He knew that He would be the slain Lamb, but the disciples seemed to totally unaware of that. It was the night he washed the disciples’ feet. It was the night Judas was exposed as a traitor and the night Jesus was betrayed. Jesus carried out all these things with the full knowledge that the agonizing death of the cross was only hours away. It boggles my mind. Those words that come at the beginning of John 13 and which do not often come to our attention are so precious. “Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.” The washing of the disciples feet came right after these words, so it’s easy to relate the note about love to that event. But I rather think the real significance was the sacrificial death that He endured a few hours later. Only God could do what Jesus did that night. Awesome!

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