Starting Point

Saturday, Nov. 1

I mentioned a couple days ago that John Piper has focused on the importance of knowing God. Here’s how he applies that to challenging Christians about missions. “My general approach in challenging someone about missions is not to start with missions. Their minds are already made up or they are bored. I start with how great God is and it always leads to missions.” I’m not sure that all of them have their minds made up and no doubt many of them are not bored, but I know I’ve heard just about every excuse there is as to why “he” or “she” should not, could not, or would not be a missionary. Many people when they come to Christ are instinctively challenged to share the gospel with others. But some aren’t. And even those that have a heart for the unsaved are not necessarily thinking of overseas missions. No one, not even a new Christian, finds it easy to get out of their comfort zone to evangelize in a different culture and language group. So it sounds like a good way to go for me. Starting with the Great Commission may be putting the cart before the horse. So talking about God inevitably leads to His passion for people to hear the gospel. I also think this would be a good approach to a non believer concerning his salvation. Discussion about God is less threatening than a confrontation about sin and hell, but it inevitably leads to a personal response to the gospel. I haven’t put this into practice yet, but I’m eager to try it.

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