Measuring Your Treasure

Sunday, Nov. 2

“Pleasure is the measure of your treasure.”—John Piper. This is kind of cute, but it’s also astute, and probably needs some explaining. Piper constantly talks about how our chief pleasure is God Himself. The treasure, of course, is God. So how do we measure how much our treasure means to us? It is precisely the degree that we get pleasure out of God. That, of course, depends on how much we know God—which is Piper’s core theme. The more we know Him, the more we will love Him. So the question is “How can I get to know God more?” That comes through the Word and through obedience to the Word. One of the most critical things would be meditating on the Word, which is not often practiced. It certainly involves prayer and it also involves dealing with sin. You might want to add diligence, desire, consistency, and motivation. If you’re inclined to measure your love relationship with God, it’s not a matter of empirical thinking, but you might try to rate yourself as you would rate a book or a movie, scoring yourself on a one to ten scale. Probably no one would rate his love for God as a ten, but hopefully it’s higher than a one. Assuming you do this, what do you do if your rating is low? Go back to the Word, prayer, et al., as mentioned earlier. The pleasure you will get will be worth it.

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