God’s Love Revealed

Monday, Nov. 3

The key to loving God is to discover how much He loves me. I’ve thought a lot about this lately. First and foremost I’m a sinner. Yes, I know that my sins are covered and removed forever, even future sins. But God loved me while I was an unrepentant, antagonistic, selfish, inveterate sinner. And even after being declared righteous, I sin often. So the measure of my sin is immense. That God loved me while in this state is mind boggling. Then I think about the intensity and degree of God’s love. He is infinitely holy, sin is absolutely obnoxious to Him, and He cannot tolerate it; He must, by His very nature, wipe it out. Add to that the price He paid to change the situation, absorbing the judgment that I deserve by dying on a cruel cross. The entire Bible reveals this kind of love. Awesome! So studying the Bible in depth is the way to get to know Him and love Him.

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2 Responses to God’s Love Revealed

  1. Clark Malone says:

    Thanks Dave, I appreciate your thoughts. I believe I will be visiting your messages more often. You do stimulate my thinking processes in some good ways. Thanks, May God richly bless you and this ministry!!
    Clark (probably the only Clark you know, I’m guessing).

    • davelotz says:

      Just ran across this note. Not sure when you wrote it. Also doubt if I replied. So thanks, Good to know someone is reading it. I enjoy doing it, but it is going to come to a halt in the not too distant future. My eyes are so bad, it’s becoming a major concern. I really appreciate what you two have accomplishes in Portugal and are still accomplishing. Love you. Dave

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