Living in a Different World

Monday, Nov. 10

“We’re living in a different world.” How many times have you heard someone say that? Thinking about this led me to the conclusion that it is not accurate. The remark implies that things are more evil now than at any time in the world’s history. I’ll grant you that it’s bad, but history is a “rap sheet” of evil. Can you imagine a people more cruel than the Mongols? Do you think Obama is worse than Stalin or Hitler? I doubt if any of us would call Ahab and Jezebel “saints.” Nor would we laud the Assyrians and Babylonians for their human rights record. If you study the Greek conquest under Alexander the Great you will lose your respect for Alexander and you probably would not call him “Great.” The Romans were no better. And before all these people we have the whole world wiped out (except for eight people) because they were so evil. EIGHT “more or less” righteous people! God cut it pretty close there! Our world today is not good, but there are more Christians in the world today than at any other time in history. Man’s record throughout history is evil. It has always been evil and it will remain that way until Christ comes to restore order and set up a millennial kingdom. Even then, under the direct rule of Christ Himself, the world will turn to evil. OK, our world is different. It is different only in that we have more sophisticated ways to destroy one another. So what is my point? Moaning over the evil of our day is neither realistic nor productive. Sinners will sin, but God is still in the business of saving sinners and we are his arms and legs—and his mouth. The job may seem impossible, BUT GOD . . .

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2 Responses to Living in a Different World

  1. Clark Malone says:

    I wanted to like it Dave but it was making me sign up and make passwords in a place I don’t recognize. I prefer not to do that til I know more about these sites. I really did appreciate what you said about today really not being more evil than other times in history but just with more sophistic ated means of destroying one another! You put things back into perspective for a number of us.

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