Call Me a Meddler

Tuesday, Nov. 11

What is the first thing you think of when God is mentioned? His holiness? His caring for you? Heaven? His sovereignty? His love? His ability to answer your prayers? How you answer this probably depends on the situation, who you’re talking to, whether it’s a current need, etc. Now, a more pertinent question: Was your answer basically to benefit yourself or to glorify God? Because of the sin nature, we tend to be selfish. Do you think of God as a provider, a problem solver, a miracle worker, a partner, an encourager, a consoler. He is, of course, all of these. I doubt if any one would have responded with “He’s my boss.” That’s OK, Maybe you would have used the word “Lord.” My point is that we too often think of God as giving us a pleasant and profitable life, and too little about the truth that we are to be a part of His business. He’s our boss, the One who directs us in the job that He has given us, otherwise known as the Great Commission. Your answer to the above question should reveal the real motivation of your heart. Is God there to serve you or are you here to serve Him? Core question. Don’t ignore it. Call me a meddler, but don’t ignore it.

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