My Boss

Wednesday, Nov. 12

“God is my boss.” That sounds a bit flippant, but to say He’s my Lord doesn’t carry the same punch, simply because we’ve let the real meaning of the word morph into something that carries little or no responsibility. Say you have a job. How do you approach your boss? How do you go about your job—if you want to keep it? Do you show proper respect for your boss? Are you quick to follow directions? Do you do what you’re asked to do without complaining? What will happen if you are lax, disobedient, or unproductive? How I respond to God is far more important than how I respond to an earthly boss. My “Boss” never makes mistakes. The job is infinitely more important. It involves life and death—eternal life and death! And the benefits are “out of this world.” Don’t worry! I don’t plan to address God as “Boss.” But I do want to acknowledge Him as Lord.

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