Caring Hearts

Tuesday, Nov. 18

Our church (cont.) We’ve now had more than a year to deal with the future of the church. We’re small and getting smaller. We are made up of mostly older people. And we are not doing too well in winning people to the Lord. But we are eager for change. And there has been change. Some have gotten out of their comfort zones and doing things that we would not have foreseen two years ago. The process is precarious, just as yesterday’s quotation indicated. Whether things continue to move toward unity or disunity depends on the attitude or mind set of each one involved. How keenly do each of us really listen to the views of others? How much are we as individuals willing to change? What it really boils down to is how much love we have for each other. A caring heart will be able to handle different views. So we are coming to understand and respect each other more. And we are finding a unity that was a bit superficial before. We are deeply concerned for one another and the whole body is stronger. So we’re “on the way,” but we have a ways to go yet. Pray for us, OK?

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