Love by Proxy

Friday, Nov. 21

“The Bible causes you to fall in love with the author. You don’t fall in love by proxy.”
–Howard Hendricks. Ideally, this is true, but I know I spent quite a long time studying the Bible as I would a math book or a science book. I learned a lot, and I even learned a lot about God, but my relationship with Him didn’t change a whole lot. I learned a lot about His concern for sin, and even got a good understanding of the redemption process. I definitely got the message about judgment. Little by little I was impacted by the person behind the Bible. Without realizing it, I was gradually learning to love God. Now, to the second part of Hendricks’ statement: “You don’t fall into love by proxy.” When a young man and a young lady get enamored of each other, they want to spend time together. If there is a long separation there are letters flying back and forth. But it really doesn’t satisfy. They want to be together. So reading God’s love letter (the Bible) is good but there should be a longing for more. Prayer helps, too, but that’s more like a phone call for our two lovers—not quite enough. OK, we don’t have personal, bodily contact with God, but the longing should be there. I find that more and more I long for heaven to be in the presence of the Lord. And what is really exciting is that God is eagerly waiting for the time when we can be together, too. He doesn’t like this proxy thing any more than we do.

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