I Don’t Know

Monday, Nov. 24

I’ve never had the problem of thinking I know everything—and I doubt if any one out there is any different. No one expects me to detail the nuances of Einstein’s theory of relativity. The problem becomes acute when my lack of knowledge is in my area of learning. I get embarrassed if I don’t know something I’m expected to know. I remember when I was in college pursuing an education degree, one of my Dad’s co-workers asked me how the pedagogue was doing. Here I was studying to be a pedagogue and I had never heard this word before. Humbling! And I guess that’s why I remember it. It took me two or three years of teaching to learn that I could not get too many things past my high school students. They were very quick at discovering when I was hedging or faking it. It was amazing when I learned that when I simply said “I’m not prepared for this lesson” or “I’m not getting this Geometry problem. Is there some one that can help me?” I gained their respect and their full cooperation. All of a sudden, I was one of them, all of us on the learning curve. This was a decisive turning point in by career as a pedagogue. [I don’t know why it took me so long to learn that!]

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