A Quest for Knowledge

Tuesday, Nov. 25                             

There’s a flip side to that “It’s OK to say ‘I don’t know.’”  Ignorance is acceptable; remaining ignorant is not.  I will never understand Einstein’s theory of relativity, nor will I make an effort to do so.  Neither will I ever fully understand God.  But I think it desirable to know more about God.  So learning is a matter of selection—what is pertinent, needful, or useful.  In those areas I need to keep on learning.  So while it is OK to not know something, it is not OK to be content with not knowing.  I have the habit of raising questions that I can’t answer and I freely admit that I can’t answer.  Neither do I expect someone else to come up with a satisfactory answer.  But the quest for knowledge is rewarding.  We may never get an answer to a specific question, but we learn other things in the process.  How many things have been discovered “by accident” because someone was curious?  The saddest thing about getting old is malfunction of the brain.  Diminishing sight and hearing, giving up driving a car, changed eating habits, a plethora of medications are all nuisances, but not being able to think is worse.

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