Wednesday, Nov. 26                         

“Pride is a bad word.”  I made this hasty little notation a few days ago and thought it was a nice little proverb.  Pride is often considered the root of all sin.  It is generally thought of as a negative trait.  As I meditated on this, I could not come up with anything positive about the word.  Strong’s concordance listed no reference that used the word in a positive sense.  That’s the KJV, however.  Then I accidentally came across a verse in the Bible that negated my neat little proverb.   I found that the NIV does use the word in a few cases in a positive sense.  Checking those same passages in the KJV I found words that were synonyms for the word “pride.”  They are: rejoicing, glory or glorying, boasting, and exalted.  Check it out.    Gal. 6:4, 2 Cor. 5:12, 7:4, and 8:24, and James 1:9.  I’m still going to take a little pride in coming up with this proverb because a proverb is not universally true.  It represents what is normally true.  And you can decide whether my pride is on the negative side or positive side.

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