I Want to Change

Monday, Dec. 1

I don’t often talk about my faults. I guess I’m not alone in that. If anything, I tend to keep my faults well in the background. What remains is that I’m more prone to talk about things that I feel I’m on top of and feel good about. As I thought about that recently, I realized that I was dealing with a rather subtle thing. No matter what discussion is going on, I tend to put myself in a good light. It definitely reveals that I haven’t left my sin nature behind. I suspect that the blogs I write are often in that category. So I need to change. If my life is elevating myself, it is not elevating God. Needless to say, recognition of this situation doesn’t necessarily change it. How to go about that will need some careful and painful thought. If you have any suggestions, please share them. And please pray for me right now that God will be first in my life. Thanks.

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