Subtle Pride

Thursday, Dec. 4

Right action should not be to receive praise, but simply because it’s right. I think I do this, but after the action I feel good about myself for it. That contradicts my stated motivation for doing right. In a word, it’s pride. Even covertly taking credit for doing right is to rob God of the glory that is due Him. The reality is that God is in the business of changing me. My reaction should be to praise God for patiently working with me. The credit should go to Him, not to me. I say God is patient; He’s been trying to change me for a long time, and I have quite a way to go yet. I don’t know if you can identify with this, but I suspect that there are others in the boat with me. Heaven is going to be wonderful. All these demonstrations of subtle pride will be gone forever. And I will have even more to praise God for. In the meantime, be patient with me. Remember that God is at work.

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