Teaching and Learning

Friday, Dec. 5

“Teach us and move us, change us and use us.” Teaching and learning are two different things. I’ve heard it said that teaching is not really teaching unless learning takes place. That might be debated, but I think that all will agree that teaching is in vain if it doesn’t lead to positive change. Knowing facts is not enough. In fact, knowledge can be used for evil. When it is used for good we call it wisdom. Otherwise it’s foolishness (as depicted in the Proverbs) and at worst harmful and destructive. The last part of this quotation is that learning should be shared. Godly truths need to be passed on to others. I get a lot of worthwhile e-mails that I’m encouraged to pass on to others. That’s OK, but we have the most life changing news in the world, the good news of salvation—that we often fail to pass on. I want to be moved, changed and used. That’s the motivation behind these blogs. My prayer is that Christians will be both encouraged and motivated to serve God better and that somewhere along the line, some people will embrace the gospel and join the family of God.

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