How to be Holy

Wednesday, Dec. 10

“You never really lose until you quit trying.”—Mike Ditka. I like Mike. He was a great player and a great coach. And he was a great motivator. The quotation is apt as it applies to football. But don’t apply it to living a holy life. We can’t do it by “trying.” It requires divine intervention. Paul describes the dilemma in Romans. 7 and ends with a hopeless cry of despair—“What a wretched man I am. Who will deliver me . . .?” All attempts to be holy can only lead to failure and frustration. In my estimation, that’s “losing.” But Paul has the answer in Romans 8. God has sent the Holy Spirit to live in us. He will not only nail the problem and nudge us in the right direction, He also has the power to change us. Our part is to “walk in the Spirit.” Before salvation I had no power whatsoever to overcome sin. By being justified, I’m re-connected to God and I have His power at my disposal. The Holy Spirit is the conduit to this divine power. But I can choose to use it or not use it. If I choose to use it, i.e., to walk in the Spirit, sin can be overcome. If I choose not to use it, I quench the Spirit (1 Thes. 5:19). Fortunately, the Holy Spirit never gives up on us. We can be winners!

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