But God . . .

Thursday, Dec. 11

The words “I do” are loaded with meaning. I doubt if any American is ignorant of the significance of these two words. They conjure up all kinds of memories and emotions—maybe depending on how one’s marriage worked out. Are there any two words of greater importance in the English language? I ran across two words that I think “fit the bill”—the words “but God.” Stuart Briscoe made a case for these words in his book Devotions for Men, 2001. Stuart used the example of Joseph when he was called before Pharaoh to interpret his dream. Joseph said that this was beyond his power, “but God . . .” I have not made a study of these words in the Bible, but I’m sure there are hundreds of occasions when the words were apropos, whether stated just like that or not. In fact, the whole Bible is a history of God doing the impossible. I think of Jerusalem under siege by Sennacherib. I think of Gideon with his 30 volunteers fighting the Midianites. I don’t think I need to go further; you get the picture. But what makes this so awesome is that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He’s still in the business of performing miracles, turning what seems to be defeat into marvelous victories. People, we are in good hands.

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