Present Sainthood

Saturday, Dec. 13

The Apostle Paul wrote letters to a variety of churches, most of which came into existence because of his ministry. When he addresses these congregations, he often calls them saints, although a good deal of his admonitions were to correct their doctrine or their conduct. There’s a lesson for us here. He is seeing these believers as God sees them. As Paul explains in Romans, we are declared justified at the point of conversion. This means that we are seen as righteous or holy by God simply because our sin debt is paid. Too often we view other Christians as sinners, which they are. I think we do this because it makes us feel less condemned. So the problem is not just that we don’t see others as saints, we don’t see ourselves as saints. I’m not advocating that we ignore the sins that we commit. I’m just suggesting that we need not feel condemned. The sins are paid for. Seeing ourselves the way God views us is important. We are free, we are not living under a cloud of guilt, we can rejoice, we can praise God and worship Him through grateful hearts. And just as important, we can view other saints as saints, too.

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