The Work Ethic

Monday, Dec. 15

One of the greatest philosophical questions of all time is “Why did God create man?” In Christian circles the Westminster Confession of Faith answers this by saying “Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy Him forever.” I won’t be so naïve as to refute that, but the statement covers a huge amount of ground that is not covered in detail. One issue is what might be called the work ethic. God gave Adam a job to do, but it didn’t really involve other people because there were no other people—unless you want to include Eve. All through history God has called on people to do his bidding. Abraham was called for a particular reason, as was Moses, each of the prophets, Esther, et al. Jesus prepared his Apostles to lead the early church. Paul was called to go to the Gentiles. It is truly amazing that God gave men a job of divine proportions, gave them the tools to do the job and then commissioned them to do it—and all the time dealing with people with a sin nature. That seems very risky to me. God evidently figured it was doable, so I won’t question it. He’s been fairly successful with all His endeavors. We Christians do have a massive job to do and despite our weaknesses and short comings, God will see that the work gets done. I’m leading the way to something here; check it out tomorrow.

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