Getting Our Attention

Friday, Dec. 19

Dave Boldt mentioned in our adult Sunday School class that there are three reasons why we suffer. 1) because of sin. 2) because we’re Christians. 3) to get our attention. I was really struck by this last one. Dave mentioned Hosea 5:1-2. “ Hear this, you priests! Pay attention, you Israelites!. Listen, O royal house! This judgment is against you . . .” There are lots of other places in the Bible where God does remarkable things to get one’s attention. Remember the writing on the wall (Daniel 5). And, of course, that’s why he sent all those prophets to warn the people of impending doom if they didn’t repent. And there were the surrounding nations that devastated Israel multiple times for the same reason. He sent draught to get their attention. He sent locusts. God is still sending us messages today, messages that are for the most part ignored. Typhoons and earthquakes. And men say “How can a loving God do this?” Sinful man is no different now than sinful men in Old Testament days. But He sends us Christians messages to wake us up, too. Are we listening? Are we getting the message? Are we repentant when it comes to sin? Are we changing our sinful ways? Heb. 12:5-6 tells us that God will discipline His children because He loves them. And then He encourages us to accept the discipline which is hard to endure but will be for our good and result in good things. Punishment for Christians is a sign that He loves us!

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