Rich Poverty

Monday, Dec. 29

“I’ve never been poor, only broke.”—Mike Todd. I have experienced poverty. Not an easy time, especially with a wife and five kids to support. I admit to being a bit discouraged during those times, but I never felt poor. There was a settled peace with the knowledge we were in God’s hands, that we were where He wanted us, doing what He called us to do. Paul has a lot to say about “riches,” but it has nothing to do with money. These riches are in a totally different realm. Paul uses words such as glorious, abundant, overflowing, and incomparable to describe these “riches.” God delights to shower upon us good things, things that are infinitely more important than material things. And it’s because He loves us. I marvel that God loved us while we were warped by sin, rebels, and enemies of God. He loved us enough to pay the terrible cost on Calvary and then enriching us with heavenly gifts, gifts that bring us peace and joy, gifts that benefit others, and gifts that glorify Him. I’m rich!

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