Triviality Revisited

Sunday, Jan. 4

I would like to follow up on yesterday’s blog. Some things in my life are more important than others. OK, God knows the number of hairs on my head and the number of red corpuscles flowing in my blood stream. I think He was far more interested in David’s loyalty to Him than how many wives he had. I think He was not pleased with the Bathsheba thing, but I think He was pleased that David confessed His sin and got back into fellowship with Him. I think He is far more interested in my spiritual condition than whether the lawn gets mowed. If I am a servant of God, He is interested in my attitude and work ethic. If I am a soldier of Christ, He’s interested in whether or not I’m obedient and effective in fighting the good fight against evil. These things are not trivial. So why does He appreciate my gratitude for mowing the back lawn? The issue is simply this: What concerns me concerns Him. That’s because He loves me and cares for me. So if something is in the slightest way significant to me, it concerns Him. Now you know why that is reassuring to me.

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