Unanswered Questions

Saturday, Jan. 10

The longer I live, the more questions I have about life and God. Yes, I have had thousands of questions answered in my life time through the Word and through experience. But my list of questions continues to grow. God knows this. His ways are past finding out (Is. 55:8-9. There are probably several reasons for this. One is that we are finite and do not have the mental capacity to understand things in the spirit realm. A second reason is that sin has warped our capacity to understand spiritual things and to follow moral precepts. Yet there are hundreds of Scriptures that encourage us to “walk in His ways.” The Bible is God’s revelation to us. Much of this revelation makes perfect sense to us. He has given us enough truth to “walk in His ways” but sometimes it is simply a matter of exercising faith even though the rationale for it might not be so clear. This might help. The Bible is a revelation of God, not a revelation of all that exists in the spirit world or even in our physical world. Enough of God’s splendor is seen in the Bible to know Him and to worship Him. My questions can wait. I know enough to be grateful and I know enough to worship Him.

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