Fairness Plus

Tuesday, Jan. 13

God’s judgment is fair. That’s good news or bad news, depending on one’s relationship to God.
The non-believers in our world are chronic complainers. Every one is wrong except them. When some “catastrophe” takes place, God gets blamed. God does what needs to be done to get people’s attention, but most of the time, His “signs” are misinterpreted. I shouldn’t be irked by this since it’s the normal response for a egocentric sinner. But sometimes this attitude rubs off on Christians. We may not be so brazen about it, but we often think “Why me?” A clear understanding of Scripture would take care of this. He is allowing difficulties to come into our lives in order to test us and to make us more Christ like. It’s part of sanctification. As to judgment, all sinners will be judged. That is totally fair because we have all fallen from our original state. A holy God can do nothing else but judge sin. On top of that, God has provided an escape hatch. That is more than fair; it’s grace. He has paid the penalty at an enormous price. And when that grace is rejected, the sinner is doubly culpable. That’s bad news. Conversely, the Christian, who has received grace, has all guilt removed and is in good standing with God. That’s fairness plus grace. That’s good news.

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