Investing God’s Funds

Friday, Jan 23

There’s an old saying “money produces money.” How about “God’s riches will produce more riches?” God pours out spiritual blessings on us and expects a return on His investment. I’m reminded of the parable of the talents (Mt. 25:14-30) It comes shortly just before His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. The parable is in that context. The servants are entrusted with investing the master’s funds while he is away. Jesus will soon leave the disciples and when He comes back He will hold His servants accountable. We’re in that “going away” time right now so this parable is for us, too. The amount of money in this parable is perhaps as much as a life time of a man’s earnings. We have the investment funds (the gospel message) and the instructions (Mt. 28:18-20). Is God’s investment going to pay dividends? How effective are we as His brokers? Or will we face Him with empty hands? Let’s not bury this priceless treasure as one of the servants in the parable did.

Saturday, Jan. 24 Worthless Truth

“Impression without expression is depression.”—Howard Hendricks. This is a clever little saying which means: If I know a truth and don’t live it and share it, it’s worthless. The flip side of this is another Hedricks observation: “You can’t impart what you don’t possess.” You can’t get too much
knowledge, but if you have more than you use, you have too much.

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