Modern Technology

Wednesday, Jan. 28

Is modern technology good or bad? We are inundated with new gadgets almost daily. No one in 1900 would even begin to imagine landing on the moon or having world wide communications at no cost to the user. We are indeed living in a marvelous world—in terms of technology. But there’s another side to this. People in the 19th century mostly lived on farms and had no automobiles, no telephones, no airplanes, radio or television. Neither did they have all the medical resources that we have today. And they did not live nearly as long. But they had some valuable things that we have less and less of. They worked hard, but could enjoy evenings at home around a hearth with a warm fire, good food that they got from their own labor, unspoiled by all the additives in our foods today. They had quiet evenings, perhaps reading or just talking over the events of the day. No blaring noise from a boom box, no racy films to watch, no violent movies or accounts of murder and rape on TV, no trans-genders, no gay movement, no abortion clinics, and no accounts of bloody wars all over the globe. And as to longer life today, medical science does what it can to extend life, even though the quality of life is such that we’d maybe prefer to get out of this miserable world sooner. That’s probably enough for you to get the idea that our modern world is a long way from ideal. The old days weren’t so good either. Morality has never been popular in this world.

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