Back to the Nursery

Thursday, Jan. 29

“Going back to the nursery.” This is a phrase Doug Burch used in a sermon. Let me explain. Paul’s epistle to the Galatians is about going back to living under the Law after being freed from it. Galatian churches were being influenced by Judaizers who believed they still had to obey the Law in order to be accepted by God. Paul is correct in saying that we cannot be reconciled to God by the Law. We are declared righteous at conversion, but we still sin. So what is the purpose of the Law? The Law teaches us that we are helpless and can only depend on God for a solution. The answer is in the death of a sinless man, a man that did fulfill the Law, Jesus. And because He died in our place, we are forever free from the bondage of sin. Paul says that the Law is a tutor to teach us this truth. So going back to trying to live by the Law is going back to bondage, back to being under a tutor. Or as Doug put it, we choose to go back to the nursery. Instead of being Sons of God, equipped to do a man’s work, to bear fruit for God, we go back to being helpless infants. I think of this as having received the gift of salvation, we decide that we sill keep part of the gift. We keep the part that seals our eternal destiny, but we don’t really need grace to live a godly live. We can do that on our own. We don’t really need God for that. It is no wonder that Paul called this foolishness. Unfortunately we Christians still think this way. Going back to the nursery is not the answer.

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