Prescription for Bad Feelings

Sunday, Feb. 1

“You change the way you feel when you change the way you think.” Sometimes we feel good and sometimes we feel bad. The bad ones are sadness, grumpiness, disappointment, sickness, anger, frustration—and you can probably think of a few others. Some feelings we have little control over. If we are sick, we can perhaps takes steps to get over the sickness, but we can also have a variety of attitudes toward the sickness, which, or course, reveal another king of feeling, being sorry for oneself, being philosophical about it, etc. The gist of this little proverb is that when your emotions are a little out of whack, you can deal with it by changing the way you think. Please understand that I’m not dealing with “mind over matter,” at least in the way that is generally thought of. I refer you to Romans 12:1-2. Paul says in v. 2 that we should be transformed by the renewing of our mind. That’s exactly what the above proverb is saying—“change the way you think.” But the way we do that is back in v. 1. We need to present our bodies “as a living sacrifice.” What I’m suggesting is that if we have a bad feeling, if we are down in the mouth about something, if our attitude is not right, it’s because we haven’t followed the prescription as presented in v. 1. If I understand this passage, it means that if I present myself as a sacrifice to God, my mind will be changed, and my emotional life will be positive. Good way to start out your day! So anytime you feel disgruntled about something, remember Romans 12:1-2.

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