The Love Factor

Wednesday, Feb. 4

Love is a very important part of life. We all want to be loved. We are happy and content with it and frustrated and despondent without it. With rare exceptions, we all have experienced love, both on the giving end and the receiving end. If there is any one thing that is crucial to living a happy, contented life, it is love. Millions of books have been written on the subject, including an overabundance of “romance” novels. A classic is “A Tale of Two Cities” by Dickens. Love is the theme of most operas, for example “Romeo and Juliet.” Hollywood would go broke if not for all the love scenarios. And the reason these books, operas, and TV shows are so popular is that people are fascinated by anything connected to love, even when it’s deviant love. Most of us accept the axiom that God is love. Some people take that too far, thinking that no matter what man does, God will pick up the pieces. Nice, easy way to dispatch sin, punishment and hell all in one fell swoop! But skewing the truth doesn’t solve the inner turmoil that comes from a loveless society. God’s agenda is basically a love agenda. Everything that God does in connection with human beings is prompted by love. Because we are made in His image, love is also our core trait. Just as our bodies can’t survive without food, water and air, so our inner being, our soul, can’t survive without love. The problem is that because of sin we love the wrong things. We love ourselves the most, others less and God least of all—precisely in reverse order from God’s intent. That’s why there are so many suicides! And that’s why we are killing each other at a horrible rate, why marriages are going to pot, and why our jails and mental institutions are too full to accept any more wrecked lives. OK, you get the picture. But I’m not through yet.

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