Love at First Sight

Saturday, Feb. 7

Love is not sexual attraction. I totally reject the idea of “love at first sight.” Being attracted to someone is not love. Since I am a man, let me put it in terms of a man looking at a woman. If you have two women standing side by side and one of them weighs 200 pounds and is 5 feet, two inches, has a birthmark on her forehead, and is wearing sloppy clothes, I would not be particularly attracted to her. If the other woman was the same height, had a trim figure, a lovely smile on her face and well groomed, guess which one I would take a second look at. OK, I know nothing about either of them, don’t know their names, or what they do, their character, their personality, whether they drink or take drugs, use foul language, go to church, whether they are single, married or divorced, etc. My response would not be love at first sight, it would merely be an appraisal of the physical appearance of each and an appropriate emotional response. This is not love at all; it is a sexual stimulus—or lack of it.

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