Psalm 23

Monday, Feb. 23

This event is told in John MacArthur’s book, The Master’s Plan for the Church, p. 135.

I once read about an old pastor who had been forced to
retire because the years of preaching had caused his
voice to crack. Although a humble man, a friend invited
him to a high-society luncheon. The person heading up
the luncheon invited a famous actor to come and recite
something for the guests. Agreeing to do so, the actor
asked if anyone had a specific request. The old pastor
thought for a moment and said, “How about the Twenty-Third
psalm?” The actor replied, “That’s an unusual request,
but I happen to know it. I’ll do it on one condition,
though. You recite it after me.” The old pastor hadn’t
bargained for that, but for the Lord’s sake he agreed.
The actor stood up and recited the psalm with the great
intonation of his lyrical, theatrical voice. When he
finished, everyone applauded. The old pastor then stood
up and went through the psalm in his humble way with a
crackling voice. When he was done, there was not a dry
eye in the room. Sensing the emotion of the moment, the
actor stood again and said, You clapped for me, but you
wept for him. The difference is obvious; I know the
psalm, but he knows the Shepherd.”

I have no comment.

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