Walking With God

Tuesday, Mar. 3

“Teach me to know your ways and walk in them.” There’s a lot in this little crumb. First of all, there is an appeal to God for knowledge about His ways. Anyone who sincerely makes this plea to God is seeking something he doesn’t have, something he needs, something that he cannot do for himself, something of value. It is not a single thing, a temporary need, but a lifetime need, with the implication that life is not what it should be. Obviously, there is trust in God, the expectation that God will fill the need. So there is already some knowledge about God and His ways. Most of us are in this boat. We know God, we know we’re redeemed, we know we’re going to heaven, but there’s still failure, trials, disappointment, frustration, and lack of joy, contentment, peace, and satisfaction. We come to the realization that we need more of God in our lives. The Psalmist was probably going through the same thing. The assumption or goal is that by knowing His ways, the Psalmist would then walk in them. But he’s also asking God to teach him to walk in His ways. Knowing His ways is necessary, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that one will walk in those ways. We are dependent on God to reveal His ways and we are also dependent on Him for the power to walk in them. This would be one terrific way to start out each day—as long as you really mean it. I think God would take delight in answering that prayer.

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