Denali Park

Thursday, Mar. 5

When people want to do something special such as go Disney Land or Denali Park, they usually spend a lot of time planning the trip. If it’s a place they’ve never been before, such as a cruise to Alaska or a trip to Washington, D.C., they spend even more time planning. There’s the cost to consider, whether to go by car or plane, There are motels and hotels, eating out, other attractions, how much time to give to this or that. There’s also a great deal of anticipation in such a trip. You spend time dreaming of the good time you and your fellow travelers are going to have. Now, compare all that with your looking ahead to heaven. Again, there are two aspects of this, the planning and the anticipation. For myself, I know my trip is a sure thing. That is guaranteed and already paid for. The transportation part is a little vague. My living quarters are going to be out of this world, though I lack a detailed description. I also find that I’m a little short on the anticipation part. I just don’t know enough pique my interest. I don’t have graphics, maps, photographs, or printed information. Well, there is some information in the Bible, but it would be nice to have a few more details. Will they allow my pet dog there? Is there a golf course? I’m being a little facetious here, but I suspect that some things that we think important in this life will be replaced by amenities far beyond dogs or golf courses. Life will be far more enjoyable and satisfying than we can imagine. Just thinking about not having sin in my life is pretty exciting. Then there are reunions, not just with Mom and Dad and sister Glenna and brother Ron, but Abraham and Moses, the Apostles Peter and Paul, Martin Luther, and William Carey. It should be exciting beyond our wildest dreams. But there will be God Himself, Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Hard to imagine! By the way, the older I get, the more excited I get. The ties to this world are getting looser. My anticipation is mushrooming. I’m ready!

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