A Desert Experience

Friday, Mar. 6

Paul had a tremendous understanding of God, His Word (the Old Testament), the whole panorama of history, God’s agenda for this world, and his calling to reach the Gentile world. When I read Romans or any of his epistles, I am in awe of his understanding and his ability to verbalize it so masterfully. Where did all this come from? Well, he spent three years in Arabia where he had his own private seminary course, one on one with the creator of the universe. That should explain it! It’s interesting that we have practically no detailed information about that three year period, but we certainly see the results of it. The encounter on the road to Damascus was a life changing event for Paul, but the three years in the desert prepared him for his ministry. Paul had a lot to “put off” and a lot to “put on.” So do we. More time being alone with my creator might be in order. And it doesn’t require a trip to Arabia.

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