God’s “Otherness”

Saturday, Mar. 28

“God is Holy.” We normally think of holiness as being sinless—absolute purity. God surely is that. But holiness has another facet that may be even more pertinent. R. C. Sproul says that the primary meaning of holiness “refers to God’s apartness—otherness, transcendence—that sense in which he is much more majestic in all of his being than is any creaturely being.” Sproul goes on to say that all other religions that recognize the sinful state of man and the holiness of God do not recognize the need for a mediator. They either have to minimize the sinful nature of man or the holiness of God in order to find a solution. That distorts the truth. Man is hopelessly lost in sin and God is absolutely holy. The impasse requires a mediator, someone that will fill the gap. Sproul is baffled that other religions do not recognize that a mediator is required. Christianity stands alone in declaring a solution to the sin problem through a mediator, Christ, without minimizing the sinful nature of man or the absolute holiness of God. And the only reason that we know this is because God has graciously revealed the truth through His Word. Yes, God is in a class of his own. He is unique. He is transcendent. And He is gracious and loving.

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