God’s Part and My Part

Saturday, Apr. 4
“Don’t expect God to do what He expects you to do.”—Howard Hendricks. There’s been a centuries old controversy concerning the sovereignty of God and free will. It’s one element of the more extensive Calvinism vs. Arminianism debate. It’s easy to swing from one side to the other. We are saved by grace and all evangelicals embrace that, but then the debates begin. What do we have to let God do because we can’t do it ourselves? And what exactly does God expect us to do? Hendricks’ quotation brings up the subject again. The truth is that both God and man are involved. Both sides of the controversy would agree on that—if nothing else. Howard Hendricks is clever. He implies that there is something of both as we live out our lives, and then leaves the nitty gritty to the reader as to where to draw lines. So I leave it to you as well. Make sure you do what you can do—which is what God expects you to do. But take care of the flip side of this, too. Don’t do what you can’t do—and trust God for the rest. I follow Hendricks’ lead and leave the details to you. When I get it all sorted out, I’ll let you know. Don’t hold your breath!

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