Filling Holes

Sunday, Apr. 5

“God is the only thing we will chase that doesn’t make us feel more empty.”—Jennie Allen. Behind this statement is the fact that everyone wants happiness. We want to be fulfilled, to be satisfied, to think that we are worth something, to be respected by others. God has built this into our very framework. There’s a hole that needs to be filled. The problem is that because of the sinful nature we automatically turn to things that are centered on self—money, good job, comfort, leisure time, a new car, designer clothes, a cabin in the woods, whatever. The pursuit of these things has been the norm throughout history. And all with the same result—disappointment and frustration. And that’s true for the ones that achieved those things. Alexander the Great drank himself to death at the age of 32 because there were no more worlds to conquer. More millionaires and millionaires’ kids commit suicide proportionately than the rest of the populace. Obviously people are seeking the wrong things, things that don’t satisfy. As Jennie Allen says, leaving God out is the basic problem. John Piper agrees. He says “The pursuit of God’s glory and the pursuit of your joy are not at odds, they are, in fact, one.” God is the one that fills that void. When we see God in all His glory, His love, His fabulous sacrifice to see us happy, restored to God’s favor, no longer dominated by sin and Satan, the fatal flaw is healed, the hole is filled, and we find satisfaction. And to top it all off, God is satisfied, too. As Piper says “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied with Him.” God is indeed “past finding out.”

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