Back Pats

Wednesday, Apr. 8

“The best thing to do behind a person’s back is pat it.”—Franklin Jones. We know and accept this but practice it little. We need to take care that we don’t go too far down the back; it might send the wrong message. And we don’t need to actually pat the back. We can commend someone without touching him. There are lots of ways we can do this. It can be a written note, an e-mail, or a verbal message. It can be the way we respond, facial expression, a smile, a look of delight, showing interest, and, of course, it can be a negative response, a sigh, a frown, impatience, rolling the eyes, etc. The right response is a matter of attitude. And attitude is rooted in love. If we really love a person, the pats on the back will naturally come. If we are not affirming one another, we better go back and check our love meter.

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