Salvation in Stages

Thursday, Apr. 9

“We are saved in stages.”—John Piper. What he means is that by accepting the free gift of salvation, we are justified or declared righteous. From that time on we are guaranteed eternal life and an eternal home in heaven. We are born again, we join God’s family, we are in fellowship with God, and it is permanent and guaranteed. The first stage sets us free from the bondage of sin. For the first time we have the capacity to not sin. But we are not totally free from sin. We still sin, and we fall woefully short of meeting God’s moral standard. The second stage is sanctification, the process of becoming sinless, which occupies the rest of our earthly life. Then we die and go to heaven. But there is no entering into heaven without being fully freed from sin. So a third stage is necessary. We are changed from mortality to immortality, from corruption to incorruption, and the sin nature is abolished forever. Sanctification becomes complete and we are forever free of sin. Eternity future is totally free of sin and we experience the bliss of eternal life with all its glorious ramifications. Not a bad thing to look forward to!

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